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Master in Professional Beauty Makeup

Unlock your creative potential and unleash your makeup skills to the next level with our comprehensive Advanced Course in Professional Makeup. Curated for aspiring makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts looking to enhance their expertise, this course dives into the intricacies of advanced techniques, industry trends, and professional artistry

DURATION: 4 Weeks 

Timings: 11 A.M-5 P.M

Days: Mon-Fri

Levels: Basic and Advanced (2 weeks each)*

*Students have the option to select either one course or both courses, with charges varying accordingly.


Basic Beauty Course

In our concise 2-week basic makeup course, we provide a comprehensive foundation in makeup artistry. Students will learn a variety of basic foundation techniques, as well as creative and photo-shoot makeup application. This course aims to develop a fundamental understanding of makeup and equip students with the skills needed to create basic character looks. Join us to gain a solid grounding in makeup artistry and the ability to create versatile makeup looks.

By the end of this intensive course, students will have developed the skills and knowledge necessary to create professional-quality special effects makeup, including the use of prosthetics and facial hair applications.


Advanced Beauty Course 

Introducing the 2-Week Advanced Make-Up Course: Enhance your skills in theater, film, photography, and photo-shoot make-up techniques, while exploring a diverse range of looks including Bridal, Natural, Office, and Party styles. Delve into the art of tailoring make-up to complement character roles based on scripts, hair, and costumes with utmost precision.

During the course, students will learn advanced sculpting techniques, honing their ability to capture intricate details and nuances in their creations. They will then delve into the process of molding and casting, mastering the use of silicon materials to achieve lifelike and durable prosthetics.

By the end of this intensive course, students will have developed an advanced skill set in prosthetic application, enabling them to create intricate and realistic effects. 


Industry Training 

Upon the completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to further enhance their skills through a comprehensive 10-day industry training program. This training will be a valuable hands-on experience where students will be able to shadow and closely observe the makeup and hair team in action across a diverse range of projects, including engaging web series, captivating TV commercials, and captivating feature films.

*The students will be given a chance to get their portfolio clicked by a professional photographer at an extra cost.  

They will be exposed to real-world scenarios andscript breakdown, and on-set etiquette. This will enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in the industry and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed.

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