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About Yasmin Rodgers

"Makeup is my brush, prosthetics are my sculpting tools, and the face is my canvas. For 25 years, I've crafted captivating artistry, seamlessly blending reality and fantasy. Through makeup and prosthetics, I unveil hidden beauty, create awe-inspiring transformations, and breathe life into characters. Welcome to the enchanting realm of Yasmin Rodgers, where imagination meets mastery, and every face becomes a work of art."
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My Story

Yasmin is a highly experienced industry professional with a 25-year career spanning Hollywood and Bollywood. She has made significant contributions to cinema, working on acclaimed films such as 'Paagalit' and 'Delhi Heights' in Bollywood, and 'Tenet' and 'Mission Impossible' in Hollywood. Yasmin is also a dynamic makeup artist, consultant, and trainer, known for her exceptional teaching skills and expertise in various makeup techniques, including prosthetics. Her dedication to shaping future makeup professionals is evident through her effective training methods and hands-on experience. With a passion for cosmetics, Yasmin continues to leave her mark on the film industry as both a talented artist and influential mentor.

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