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 Diploma Courses

Our Diploma courses are short duration courses can be done by new or existing Makup professionals for skill enhancement or portfolio development.

Duration: 2 Weeks 

All Diploma Courses


Diploma in 

high fashion Makeup

Are you passionate about the world of makeup and want to make your mark in the glamorous realm of high fashion? Look no further! Our Diploma in High Fashion Makeup program is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience necessary to excel in the fast-paced and dynamic field of high fashion makeup artistry.


Diploma in Film and Television Makeup

This course immerses students in real-life scenarios where they collaborate with directors and writers to bring their visions to life. It focuses on coordinating lighting setups and understanding how makeup translates on various cameras, including digital and HD cameras.


Diploma in Bridal Makeup 

Diploma in Bridal Makeup offers comprehensive training in the art of creating stunning bridal looks. This program equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to cater to the unique requirements of brides on their special day. Here are the key highlights of this diploma

Self-Grooming Course

For students who don’t want to work professionally but want coaching for Self-Grooming purposes at home and at work can be taught Various Hair and makeup Styles for Different Occasions from Parties to Every-day job looks.

NOTE: The Self-Grooming Course is a 1-week course in which both Hair and Make-Up are taught which are useful for many different occasions.


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