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Yasmin Roger's Faces 

YR Faces was born out of Yasmin's recognition of a significant gap in the availability of courses taught by professionals with relevant industry experience.

Yasmin took it upon herself to address this issue by establishing YR Faces—an academy dedicated to delivering industry-relevant courses taught exclusively by professionals with substantial experience in their respective fields. The primary goal of YR Faces is to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application.

Why choose us ?

  • Top artists from every sector of the industry to train you

  • Exporsure and placements on film sets, fashion shows etc

  • Multiple collaborations and master seminars to enhance your work

About Yasmin Rodger's Prosthetic Lab

In the cutting-edge Prosthetics & SFX lab at YR Faces, students receive in-depth instruction in the field of special effects. The curriculum includes fundamental abilities like applying realistic burns and cuts as well as practical training in working with clay and creating prosthetics. Students can watch skilled prosthetic artists at work in this multipurpose lab as they create sophisticated designs that are adapted to the particular screenplay requirements of Yasmin's varied variety of film, web series, and other projects. 

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